Family sessions always bring me back to the days growing up here.  It's so special to document families in a place I always envisioned raising my own.  The summers of kayaking, beach days, ice creams, and porch hangs deserve to be documented to cherish long after they're over.


When it comes to proposals I'm ready to bring out as many bells and whistles as you want for your person — or entertain whatever you've dreamed of doing. Proposals on Block Island are something special, and I can't wait to help you with yours.  If you're here for a couples session, well, on Block Island, a couples session is never just a couples session.  Let's plan something amazing together in some of my favorite local gems.


Weddings on Block Island are like having that international destination without the international travel.  Whether you're going with a 200-person wedding at the Sullivan House or you're opting for a private elopement just the two of you, I'd be honored to photograph your day on the island I call home.


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