Livaudais Hall Wedding in New Orleans LA

If you’re looking for a blank slate New Orleans wedding venue, check out Livaudais Hall. With a high occupancy capacity, a garden space, and a large hall, it’s the perfect New Orleans Louisiana wedding venue for someone creative wanting to do a lot with a space. With outdoor spaces, and a large indoor space, Livaudais Hall is one of my favorite wedding venues in New Orleans.

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Livaudais Hall: New Orleans Wedding Venues

A historic former Catholic Church, the reclaimed hall in Lambourg Livaudais, Uptown New Orleans, is one of the oldest churches in New Orleans, built just a year after the Civil War. Prior to being an event venue, Livaudais Hall was called St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church. De-consecrated in 2008, the property was to become a non-profit cultural center shortly after, however, the restoration became too much. Bought once more in 2017 it’s been a wedding venue since, with an apartment building next door.

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One of my favorite features in the wedding venue, aside from the balcony, is the grotto outside. Such a perfect spot for intimate photos after the ceremony and even after the reception — deck the place in candles, and grab a grid flash to let it rip.

With tons of space for your wedding guests indoor and outdoor, this event space is such a unique space for your big day. With a domed ceiling and historic touches throughout the venue, there is so much to use for your special day. The space comes with church pews, and tables and chairs for your reception, making it perfect to decorate with greenery and decor.

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Timelines for Livaudais Hall Weddings

We love sharing some of our favorite tips for weddings. We’re a big fan of extending the wedding celebrations as much as possible and with the hard cut off at 11PM because of the residential neighborhood, it’s perfect to do a send-off and head to a bar for the after party, or stroll down Bourbon Street.

We often suggest starting the ceremony 6 hours before the end of the party. This gives you plenty of ways to break down the event, keep things entertaining and have a ton of fun!

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Getting Ready: 10AM – 1:30PM (for pictures/video, etc., hair and makeup artists may have you start earlier)

First Look: 2:30PM – 3PM (If interested, otherwise you could use this time for more formal pictures)

Formal Pictures: 3PM – 4:30PM

Ceremony: 5PM – 5:30PM

Cocktail Hour: 5:30PM – 6:30PM

Dinner + Formals: 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Dancing: 8:30PM – 11PM

New Orleans Wedding Vendors

We’re huge huge fans of Jessica Jackson Hair! Jessica is well trained, and experienced with any kind of hair, and gets super creative with the looks she offers. I’m a big fan of working with vendors who you can say “please make art” to, and they just make magic. Jessica is certainly one of those folks.

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For officiants, you need to check out Latoya Papillion Herr! Latoya is such an incredible officiant and advocate for couples in love. We’re a big fan of her work in the wedding industry to make the industry a more inclusive one. One of my favorite things about working with Latoya is that she offers post-wedding day coaching and support.

Ann Glaviano is another vendor that “make art” is something you can do with. DJing old school on vinyl is her signature piece and damn does it sound good. Often with DJs the showmanship of the experience can get left behind. I’m a big fan of pushing or an experience like the one Ann offers.

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Check out these Wedding Venues in New Orleans

If you liked Livaudais Hall, other locations to look at are City Park, Marigny Opera House, and Capulet. You can also use City Park for the ceremony and have the reception at Livaudais Hall after. We’re a big fan of only using photos from real weddings in any of our blogs — these photos are from Jared + JB’s wedding in October.


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