Hermitage Inn // Vermont Wedding Venues

25 Handle Road West Dover, Vermont

Hidden in the mountains of Southern Vermont, you’ll find the Hermitage Inn. A Vermont wedding venue of the best kind, the inn has been recently renovated with lots of upgrades to come. Of course, the grounds are immaculate — an oasis in an area saturated with ski resorts. With the convenience of Dover, and the surrounding communities, and the intimacy of the property Hermitage Inn was a needed Vermont wedding venue.

A lace wedding dress hangs from the doorway in a suite at the Hermitage Inn.

Hermitage Inn: A Southern Vermont Wedding Venue

Tucked into the Southern Vermont mountains you’ll find the Hermitage Inn. About a 3 hour drive from Boston, 4 hour drive to NYC, the Hermitage Inn is a convenient location for New England guests. Of course, the Hermitage Inn has hotel rooms for all of your closest friends, and family. Nearby, you’ll find lots of AirBnbs, and hotel for the rest of your guest list.

The ski resort, and historic inn offers an outdoor wedding ceremony space for 100-150 guests, and an indoor reception space for about 125. There is a wedding tent as well for larger outdoor receptions. The team at the Hermitage Inn hope to expand their offers over the next few years.

Driving onto the property, you’ll enter an historic covered bridge. The carriage house is the first property on the driveway, with the inn up on the hill above. Set on 112-acre property, guests don’t have to leave Hermitage Inn to enjoy all that Southern Vermont has to offer. Indeed, the property boasts an apple orchard, gardens, hiking trails, a pond, cross country ski trails, and more.

Each afternoon your guests can enjoy complimentary beverages, and treats at Brookside den. With an award winning restaurant, you can host your guests for the weekend. Start off with a welcome party on the patio, a ceremony on the lawn, and use the patio, or the inside bar for the cocktail hour. For the rest of your reception either utilize the luxury tent outdoors or the ballroom indoors. Either or, you’ll provide an immaculate experience for your guests.

Nestled into this perfect property, you’ll find aware winning food and wine. The new owners have brought in an incredible team that has won awards since opening. The restaurant boasts wine pairing menus that can cost as much as $1200 a plate. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had so much food from restaurants and catering teams — and I still think about the food I ate at the Hermitage Inn.

An image of the wedding day getting ready suite as the bride sits in a chair getting her hair done with friends looking on.
A black and white photo of a bride sitting in a chair while a hair stylist gets her ready for her Hermitage Inn wedding day.

The grooms friend chats with the groom while holding the wedding rings.
A groomsmen opens a blue velvet box to reveal the wedding rings.

The groom writes his vows on paper for his Hermitage Inn wedding.

The details of the groom laid out on a brick floor.
A groom fixes his bowtie in a window.

The wedding dress spills off the couch, with the shoes draping out from under.
the shadow of the bride's profile shows on thefloor.
The brides heels sneak out from under the bottom of the wedding dress.

At the Hermitage Inn, the bride leans back on the couch, her wedding dress draping around her with her heels in the air.
A black and white portrait of the bride enjoying her time before the Hermitage Inn wedding day.
A close up of the heels being worn by the bride.

An image of a wedding couple embracing and kissing at Hermitage Inn.
The couple seeing each other for the first time on the lawn at the Hermitage Inn.
The couple embraces for a kiss on the lawn at the Hermitage Inn.
The couple embraces for a kiss on the lawn at the Hermitage Inn.

A wedding guest holds their glass at a Hermitage Inn wedding.
A bartender pours a drink at the bar at Hermitage Inn
A guest enjoys a switchback ale at a Hermitage Inn wedding.

Photographed for Amanda Young.


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