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The French Quarter Wedding Chapel is a different breed of beauty, fun, and culture. A historic chapel nestled in New Orleans, this little elopement venue is the best location for a Nola wedding. Although we love the North, there’s a magical special something about New Orleans. Located in the historical French Quarter, about 20 minutes from many hotels, AirBnbs, and fantastic reception venues, this venue offers such an experience.

The only chapel in New Orleans, the small building is located in the Northwest corner of the French Quarter. You enter right into the chapel, if you’re in a hurry, don’t sweat it — there’s not much you really need to do on arrival before walking down the aisle.

new orleans wedding chapel destination wedding
Walking to the French Quarter Wedding Chapel

Having a New Orleans wedding is one of the best decisions any person can make. It’s a perfect laid-back fun and entertaining way to get married — including a ghost tour, a Second Line, or just take a walk down Bourbon Street. An easy peasy option — you don’t need any decor for your wedding ceremony, or really even wedding flowers. You’ll have anything but a traditional wedding here.

As a small wedding chapel, the aisle isn’t the longest, and while flowers are great, if it’s not in the cards or not something you want to add to the to-do list, don’t! The beauty of the chapel shines no matter what you wear or what you bring.

outside of the french quarter wedding chapel, destination wedding, new orleans wedding chapel
Walking into the French Quarter Wedding Chapel to get married.

The French Quarter Wedding Chapel: The only wedding chapel in New Orleans

French Quarter Wedding Chapel: 333 Burgundy St, New Orleans, LA 70112

Most of the time when I hear chapel, I am not the most enthused wedding photographer. Many can be dark, dimly lit, with poor ability to move around and get different vantage points. Many wedding chapels don’t have any decor, and they are hard to decorate.

Now, the French Quarter Wedding Chapel is a TOTALLY different beast. The flavor, culture, and color of New Orleans shine inside this chapel. This venue is the perfect spot for a New Orleans French Quarter wedding. It’s also a small room — a small New Orleans wedding chapel doesn’t give you a ton of room to move around, but you don’t really need to to get beautiful imagery. If you’re a photographer, think about shooting wide, shooting tight, shooting low, shooting high, shooting close, shooting far.

Offering a short sweet and hitched package, Rev Tony and Lou Anne provide a beautiful experience for your special day in a wonderful historical New Orleans wedding chapel. Strolling after, you could easily hit the St. Louis Cathedral, and take portraits after, meandering through the historical French Quarter.

french quarter wedding venues, new orleans wedding chapel
Getting married.

The History of the French Quarter Wedding Chapel

This wedding venue is one of the oldest in New Orleans. Working round the clock to get couples married, the wedding venue brings the culture of the French Quarter right into your wedding. The venue has all it’s own decor, so don’t bother getting some for your wedding day.

The New Orleans Wedding Chapel opened in 2000, becoming the only wedding chapel in Louisiana. The chapel has married over 15,000 couples and counting (making that ceiling a very expensive one). After you’re married, to celebrate and to do a little teamwork, Reverend Tony will have you sign your new names to a dollar bill together and put it on the ceiling.

The full-service wedding chapel books weddings 24/7, 7 days a week — want to get married at midnight during a full moon, Reverend Tony and his staff are IN! If you’re wanting something a little non-traditional, this venue will bring the heat. Reverend Tony takes his role as the leader of the only New Orleans wedding chapel very seriously and wants to make sure folks have an accessible way to get married and stay married!

french quarter wedding chapel
Getting married at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel

Working with Reverend Tony

You’re not going to find a Reverend more invested in love, and romance. Tony is one of the most lovely humans and has been a champion for folx looking to get married in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

The best part about Reverend Tony is he makes everyone feel cared for. If you are ever struggling after your wedding day, Tony makes it clear you can call him at any point, he’s available to you 24/7. Rev Tony will make anyone feel like family, and that might be one of the best parts of getting married here.

You’ll never have a more entertaining and engaging ceremony than with Reverend Tony at the helm. If you’re anxious about having a boring ceremony and thinking about a New Orleans or a destination wedding, this venue is for you. Your guests will be giggling and following right along with Reverend Tony’s antics.

Where to Stay for French Quarter Wedding

There are so many unique options walking distance to the chapel. Stay at the Magnolia or a sweet Airbnb in Treme — either way you can head on over to the New Orleans Wedding Chapel on foot, celebrating along the way. There are so many options around the Chapel, that it’s easy to find something that really works for you, and your guests. With the flexibility of Rev Tony and the crew, you could easily do your ceremony at any point, giving you full creative powers to make your wedding day your own.

getting ready at the hotel magnolia new orleans
Getting ready at the Hotel Magnolia

If you’re going to stay within walking distance of the chapel, you’ll also be within walking distance to everything the French Quarter has to offer. Start your wedding day with beignets + coffee at Cafe Du Monde before heading to meet your hair and makeup artist. You can snag lunch from any of the spots along Bourbon Street before heading to the Chapel to say your I do’s.

No matter where you choose, definitely be mindful to snag something that features those tall ceilings and the historic touches. The architecture in New Orleans is legendary, the charm weaved throughout every building in the French Quarter. Snagging a larger space for getting ready, particularly for an elopement, just means way better imagery for your wedding album.

Magnolia Hotel French Quarter Wedding Details
Magnolia Hotel French Quarter Wedding Details

Here’s some of our favorite locations:

  • Hotel Magnolia. A gorgeous hotel on the other side of Canal Street just a mile from the chapel. The hotel has many suites, and huge windows in every room making them great for photos, and getting ready. The larger suites are perfect for entertaining guests. The hotel is the perfect location to walk around Canal Street, or snag a trolly ride out to Tulane.
  • Treme AirBnb — Less than a mile from the chapel, this AirBnb is a gorgeous, private little spot complete with balcony, courtyard, and a full kitchen — plus the bath tub is dope. Just a short walk from the Louis Armstrong Park, you could do a picnic in the park before your wedding. The AirBnb is big and airy, making it a perfect spot for getting ready photos, and entertaining guests.
  • Place D’Armes Hotel — A beautiful hotel nestled in the French Quarter. Definitely the spot if you want to be a little extra and splurge a bit on your accommodations. With a historic touch, photos here would feel like they were out of a styled magazine shoot from some historic period.
  • Andrew Jackson Hotel — One of the most historic hotels in the Quarter, this beautiful hotel is one of our favorites! With tons of historic architecture, the hotel makes for a great spot for getting ready — especially with it’s location right in the heart of New Orleans.
Hotel Magnolia getting ready photos
Hanging out before the wedding at Hotel Magnolia
Getting ready at Hotel Magnolia
Doing makeup at Hotel Magnolia
getting ready at Hotel Magnolia
Getting ready at Hotel Magnolia
wedding details at Hotel Magnolia
Details at Hotel Magnolia
wedding photos
Wedding details at Hotel Magnolia
wedding dresses at hotel magnolia
Wedding dresses at Hotel Magnolia

What to do After the Ceremony?

Oh gosh, this is an easy one. SECOND LINE. Party down the streets of New Orleans off to your reception or just to a bar. Either way, you’ll be all smiles the whole dang way.

If you’re wanting to party after, head to Bourbon Street with your Second Line. Bar hop for a bit before heading off to dinner in any of the restaurants. Either way, make sure to take a bunch of wedding portraits in the French Quarter.

french quarter wedding chapel
Wedding photos in the French Quarter

Wanting something a little more …New Orleans? After your bar crawl, and a bite to eat, meet up with Bad Bitches for a ghost tour of the French Quarter.

Thinking a more traditional route? There are a ton of event spaces right in the French Quarter waiting and wanting to host a wedding reception. Check out Jaxson’s, or Jackson Square’s event spaces for a larger reception.

Wedding Photos in the French Quarter at the new orleans wedding chapel
Wedding Portraits in Jackson Square, New Orleans
Wedding photos in the French Quarter at the new orleans wedding chapel
Taking wedding photos in the French Quarter
Taking wedding photos in the French Quarter at the new orleans wedding chapel
Taking wedding photos in the French Quarter
French Quarter Wedding Photos at the new orleans wedding chapel
Wedding photos in the French Quarter
French Quarter Wedding Photos at the new orleans wedding chapel
French Quarter Wedding Photos

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