French Quarter Engagement Photos

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Celina + her partner were thrilled to have French Quarter engagement photos of them. The two have such a natural chemistry it was easy to have them walk around, and chat. As they walked, the two bubbled with giggles, and flirted—creating natural poses as they went. The easy part about engagement sessions in the French Quarter is that just walking around can create gorgeous imagery.

Walking Around the French Quarter for Engagement Photos

When you walk around the French Quarter there are tons of little nooks and crannies for unique, and beautiful engagement photos. We met at the Louis Armstrong Park, just north of the French Quarter. From there we walked south, weaving in and out of French Quarter streets until we hit Café du Monde. The two enjoyed a snack and coffee there before we parted ways.

What to Wear and Do For French Quarter Engagement Photos

French Quarter engagement sessions can be a dress up or a dress down affair — it doesn’t really matter. The French Quarter complements any type of aesthetic so wearing what feels really comfortable to you makes the most sense. The eclecticness of the historic neighborhood allows you let your personal style shine.

Planning for Weather and Parking in the French Quarter

New Orleans can have tricky weather. It can rain out of nowhere and then disappear out of nowhere. Don’t get too anxious about rain in the neighborhood — you have lots of options for covered courtyards and more to use for your photos. When considering when to do your engagement photos, know that parking can make things a little tricky. Parking ordinances do clear some of the streets on only Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.


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