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The deck serves as a stunning spot for cocktail hour. You could easily use the front or side of the house and the adjoining porch as well.  The yard on the south side of the house has served as a cocktail hour location.

cocktail hour options

For the wedding ceremony at the Cushman House, you could use the yard, the deck, or the beach.  All three are gorgeous options that offer the ability to be as creative with the environments as you want to.

ceremony location options

The Cushman House on Corn Neck Road is a quaint, open rental house overlooking Mansion Beach.  With an open entertaining oriented layout it's perfect for a Block Island wedding with a more intimate feel.  It's a great blank slate venue that offers options for events all weekend long and flexibility to have your wedding how you want it.

the property

The Cushman House is a rental property up Corn Neck Road on Block Island.  Located near  property has a trail that opens up onto Mansion Beach.  With two houses on the property, there's plenty of space for your wedding party or immediate family.  The property has lots to do, a big wrap around porch facing the ocean, trails, and an open floor plan in the main house.  The Cushman House does serve as a summer rental — so you do have to pull permits for events over 100, and there are limited permits available per year for the property.

Cushman House, Block Island

Often folks use a tent on the north side of the house, joining to the porch.  Open air concepts would be stunning as well — but without the tent there aren't any rain options aside from the barn.

reception location options

Most couples opt for either a bar crawl, bonfire, or after party in the barn after their reception.  This allows folks to head home that might want to, the couple some time to change, and folks to get into more casual wear to enjoy a few more hours together.

after party options

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