Block Island Wedding Photographer: A Local Destination Expert

Being a wedding photographer living in a destination location like Block Island makes you a bit of an expert in all things Block Island weddings and destination weddings.  Whether you're looking to have a

Wedding Venues on Block Island

There are a few wedding venue located on Block Island. The Spring House Hotel, Narragansett Inn, Sullivan House, Cushman House, Champlin’s Resort, Hotel Manisses, Atlantic Inn, and Rose Farm Inn all provide environments for your wedding ceremony and reception — and specialize in weddings with more than 75 guests. If you’re looking for something smaller, the Block Island Beach House can be an option. Keep in mind that you can get married on the beach with less than 75 wedding guests without a permit.

Block Island provides the perfect small getaway for a weekend long wedding celebration. Your guests will feel like they’re going to a magical destination — that’s really just a short ferry ride from Point Judith RI, New London CT, Montauk NY, or Newport RI.

Other venues and dining rooms for special events include the Block Island Beach House, the National, Sister Sister, Mahogany Shoals, and the Beachhead. There are other places to order larger family style meals like Calaveras, Persephone’s, Three Sisters, Poor People’s Pub, and Tiger Fish.

Getting Your Marriage License

Calling the New Shoreham Town Hall should be your first step. The clerks will walk you through the process and do so effortlessly and with tons of clarity. Follow their instructions to ensure that you have a smooth process with your marriage license — they’re the experts, and a blast to work with. For your license you need two witness signatures, and to have the license dropped off within 2 business days.

Having an Unforgettable Experience on Block Island

Block Island offers tons of unique wedding day experiences. You can have a film lab come to your wedding, take your wedding party out charter fishing, have a lobster bake for a welcome dinner, or go parasailing after your wedding day. The world out here is your playground.

When getting married out here, it’s really helpful for guests to have solid information about some of the little things. We have made a little guide for folks to get to know Block Island that you can change up a bit to fit your own wedding aesthetics. The guide goes over how to get here, where to stay, favorite places to eat, and things to do. It’s updated regularly to stay current, and can be printed for your guests.

- chelsea + ryan

eli's knowledge of block island was comprehensive and allowed us to have the most epic wedding experience.

- john + mark

we didn't think we could feel comfortable having our photos taken, then we worked with eli.

- sydney + brandon

folks on island commented on how much they loved Eli, and how beautiful our photos were. we couldn't be more thankful.

- sarah + mark

I thought this would be hard — being around eli was so easy, and it truly reflected in the images. I've never felt more beautiful or more like myself.

- john + melissa

eli knows the island — when we walked around there wasn't a person they didn't know that wasn't excited to see them. it truly truly helped us navigate this journey and have the best wedding day and the best images.

- sarah + mark

I thought this would be hard — being around eli was so easy, and it truly reflected in the images. I've never felt more beautiful or more like myself.

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