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Richard Proposes – Full Gallery

Having Block Island proposal photos is so important! When you’re proposing on Block Island there are loads of ways to make having a photographer more intimate and maybe even a little unknown. Richard didn’t fully opt for a sneaky sneaky proposal. The two walked out to the North Lighthouse, with me following behind.

A North Lighthouse Proposal on Block Island

As we walked out, Richard never looked back or seemed to feel the nerves that some definitely show. We had decided on sunrise as there wouldn’t be anyone around and the light would be so good. And that goal was definitely achieved. Their Block Island proposal photos show wide landscapes of just the two of them.

After the two were able to take a few photos walking around the North Lighthouse and the surrounding beach area. The dunes offer gorgeous landscapes. You do need to be mindful of nesting timeframes each year. The birds are very protective, and are also very protected during this time of year.

What to do After Your Proposal

Honestly after a sunrise proposal I’m a big fan of getting back in bed just to snuggle and chat with each other. When you propose you are so likely to black out and not remember a darn thing that was said. Being able to get back in bed and repeat everything you said is so important to being able to remember everything that happened.

After snuggling in bed and being able to share those intimate thoughts, and feelings, consider a champagne brunch, or ordering from Persephone’s. Personally, I’m a big fan of a picnic on the beach. I order from Persephone’s online or over the phone, pick up and walk down to the beach below the Surf to enjoy the views, and peace and quiet.


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