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The two came down to the farm, and with guests in tow, were led into the farm to have their wedding ceremony with the animals.  Both Aaron and Erica were completely enthused, lighting up as they walked past each animal, spending a moment or two to get to know each and every farm animal present.  Cindy stole a bit of attention — she's one of the oldest and the two have visited her over the years.

ceremony on the farm

The two got ready together, surrounded by friends and family at their rental house, chatting about memories on the island and off the island from their relationships.  Aaron and Erica helped one another get ready, with parents and other family members coming in to assist as well. 

the details + getting ready together

I don't know where to begin with Aaron and Erica. I think the best starting place is the kitchen while everyone was in casual beach/vacation clothes. We kept talking about the animal farm despite trying to figure out where on earth was the best place for them to elope. We just couldn't decide on anything but kept talking about the animal farm at the 1661.  We talked about different animals, their journey with the yak that had passed, Justice, and Aaron's adventures growing up at the Surf Hotel. As we continued to talk I sent a text over to the owner of the animal farm at the 1661 — the Drapers.  Seth responded and said let's do the ceremony in the field! The big field! I passed the option off to Aaron and Erica and the two thought it was perfect.

Aaron + Erica

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to work with you for your wedding day.  The experience is one I will forever treasure.  You both focused on the very most important things on the day of — your words to one another, the food, and choosing joy and simplicity.

I wish you both the best of luck and all the fun on your next adventures. Please stay in touch despite the moves and distance and you're always welcome to visit!

the 1661 inn farm, block island