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A Block Island intimate wedding, Aaron and Erica opted for something more their speed. Aaron has been visiting the island annually from his childhood on. As Erica and Aaron got closer, the two started going to Block Island together. The 1661 Inn Farm has been a big part of their trips to the island—the two both work with animals, one as a veterinarian and the other working with rescues.

the bride's shoes for an intimate wedding on block island

Deciding where to have their Block Island intimate wedding ceremony

The two felt pretty apathetic about most of the wedding ceremony locations that are typically discussed. We really didn’t plan anything leading up to the day as nothing was setting their souls on fire. As we sat at the kitchen table at their rental talking about the island and their history with the island, we kept coming back to the 1661 Inn Farm. We talked about different animals, including ones that have now passed, and our relationships with them.

the wedding ring of the bride for a block island intimate wedding

As we continued to talk, I texted Seth Draper from the 1661 Inn Farm and asked if we could do their ceremony in the Farm. I felt like the area by the yoga studio made sense. Seth upped my ante, and said that the main field would be perfect for their Block Island intimate wedding ceremony.

the groom's suit jacked and belt for his intimate block island wedding

When I told Aaron and Erica they were both ecstatic. This made sense, had an emotional and spiritual investment for the couple. It was far more than just a pretty place, but somewhere that made the two feel comfortable, and happy.

the bride's dress from reformation for a block island elopement
block island elopement photographer

Using wedding portraits for intimate time alone

The two were folks I really wanted to splurge in some amazing portraits. The portrait session doubles as an opportunity to have some time alone. And for these two introverts, having alone time together on their wedding day was important.

roses at the rental on block island

For their portraits we chose to hit a variety of environments. It was such a windy day, so we stayed away from typical beach locations, and used a variety of inland locations. We used a spot on Payne Road where historic trees line the road. Additionally we used a spot just before the 1661 Inn that I love for quick portraits.


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