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block island family photographer at Crescent Beach
block island family photographer at Crescent Beach
block island family photographer at Crescent Beach
block island family photographer at Crescent Beach

Block Island family photos are a way to celebrate your time as a family in your favorite place. When thinking about where you want to have your Block Island family photos taken, consider places that have nostalgic value to your family. For this family, a beach that they visit every day when on island made the most sense.

Working with a Block Island Family Photographer

Living and having history with the island has been an essential part of working as a Block Island family photographer. As a year round resident, there are lots of locations that I have access to that are unmarked, or on private property that I wouldn’t be able to use without the relationships that I have built here. I also understand the island on a pretty deep level — from how congestion is going to be at different locations, to how the weather will impact your session.

Wind is a big factor out on Block Island, and at times I’ve had families be really concerned that it’ll negatively impact their session. Whenever wind becomes a concern, I’m able to shift directions to either a less windy location or by changing the time of the session to a less windy time frame.

Living on island year round, wind is a big part of your life. Wind impacts the ferry schedule, and safety on the water. And for me, it impacts how comfortable folks are in front of the camera. Having your wind in the face doesn’t always feel great, and can distract you from being in the moment. By paying attention to the wind and shifting directions to accommodate for it, you’ll have a more enjoyable experience during your Block Island family session.

Creating Photos as Family Heirlooms

When thinking about your family photos, I always consider what you’ll be using them for. Some of that will come from a conversation but also from my own experiences as both someone’s child and someone’s parent. Family photos are used to remember different parts of your child’s life, and for children to remember their parents when that time comes. You’ll share your family photos with friends, and with your family yet to come. It’s important that your family photos reflect your family at the time honestly, and authentically.

Block Island Family Sessions

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