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The Kaufmann Family

As a Block Island family photographer, there’s lots of little tricks and tips for getting those prized family photos while on vacation. Whether you want to use your rental or one of your favorite family locations, there’s lots of places to do your family photos on Block Island as well.

Block Island Family Photographer — Using your rental or family home for your session

The Kaufmann family decided to use family property for their family photos on Block Island. Nothing could make more sense to me, as this is the location they feel comfortable in and has family history for them. Backdrops don’t have to be iconic places, there’s beauty everywhere. For me what’s most important is that your family is safe, and comfortable. That’s what leads to the best family photos.

Capturing both formal and candid moments

When photographing families I like to get the best of both worlds: formal images for the mantle, and candid goofy moments that are authentic to your family. To accomplish this, I’ll often start with a small handful of more formal poses, and then do an activity or two. That might look like playing games at the beach, or taking a hike.

As a Block Island family photographer, there’s lots of tricks up my sleeves to keep families engaged. Whether it’s sharing some knowledge around creatures in tide pools, sharing ghost stories, or swapping stories about their favorite animals at the 1661, working with kiddos requires a level of engagement. Doing an activity together as a family, with me tagging along, allows you to create imagery that will feel authentic to your family. By engaging in an activity together, your minds direct to the activity over what I’m up to. Your movements and expressions become natural and authentic to you as a result.

Family photos with toddlers on Block Island

Toddlers are the best! I have worked as an infant and toddler nanny for most of my life, and really jive well with toddlers. Translating to my photography business, I find that just going with where they’re at and what they’re capable of is the best way to photograph them. That might mean we won’t get the perfect smiling picture for a grandparent’s mantle, however, we will get images that are authentic and true to this stage in their life.

As someone who has had a lot of loss, and cherish’s so much the little things, having authentic photographs to this stage in your kiddo’s life is going to be something you hold on tight to. I know that most folks want the smiling at the camera mantle image, however, your kid is never going to smile the same way then now. They’re never going to have the same attitude, or the same expressions, and letting them exist during your session, with very gentle guidance, is the best way to have authentic images that tell a story, and best represent your toddler at this point in their life.

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