Block Island Family Photographer: Hodge Property with the Tewarson Family

Being a Block Island family photographer holds a special place in my heart. Hodge Preserve was a spot that I used to walk with my dog when I first moved here, and later used as our lunch break when I was caring for someone who became family.

In the fall, the goldenrod blooms, turning Hodge Preserve into a sea of golden yellow and bright green. Up Corn Neck Road, on the left before the red Victorian, you’ll find the entrance. It tends to be quieter, as it’s not a primary tourist destination like Mohegan Bluffs or State Beach. The quiet is so nice, and such a wanted break from the boom and business of town.

When you’re seeking a quiet spot to let the kids run free, see the water, and catch the cool ocean breeze – Hodge Preserve is the perfect getaway. Although there aren’t many trees here, it can be a breezy spot because of it’s location on the island.

Block Island Family Photographer: Location Tips

When you are in the process of booking a family session on Block Island with us, we will go over a few of our favorite locations with you. Of course, it’s always best to use a specific location with sentimental meaning to you, sometimes folks are a little lost on what location to use.

Here are some of my favorite tips for how to pick a location for your Block Island family session:

  1. Be mindful of the tourists. There are locations that tend to be over run with tourists and that can be both distracting and overwhelming. Typically, the top locations to avoid are Mohegan Bluffs, Spring House lawn (weekends), and Scotch beach.
  2. Consider the parking. Lots of locations have limited parking, Nathan Mott Park, Mohegan Bluffs, the beach… Consider how large your group is and how tricky it will be to park at that location.
  3. Are there any wide open spaces? Some locations just don’t have wide open spaces. This can make it tricky to take a variety of images in the one environment. It can also make it hard to separate out different groups.
  4. Can your kiddos handle the environment? If they’re younger and may struggle walking on rocky beaches that might not be the best spot for them. Are they kiddos that are just going to run to the water when they see it? Maybe the beach isn’t best but a location like Hodge Preserve would be super rad for them.

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