Art and experiences intersect at this beautiful point for you. The two come together to provide me with a canvas to paint on — or photograph. You're looking for things to be authentically documented through moments.

moments > poses

Weddings that really carve a hole out in my soul tend to focus on personalizing the wedding experience to fit who you are as a couple. You're not down for a template experience, and have thought about and put intention into your wedding journey decisions.  Those little personal investments are fuel for my inspiration to create art. And you? If you're right for me, you value art, the artistic process and having unique wedding photos.

art + individuality

I work best with weddings that value experiences and togetherness over anything else.  Action, movement, doing things together — even simple little things — are the most meaningful, and inspire me the most.


Well, let's back up. First, having a consult together is a little like a first date — without the romance. We need to both figure out if this decision, me being your wedding photographer makes sense for both of us.  The application process goes a little bit of both ways. If I don't feel that I'm best suited to your needs and expectations, I'll send you a list of wedding photographers that will provide you the experience that you're looking for.

the process —

Before your wedding day I'll work together, collaboratively, with your planner and other vendors regarding your timeline, and to fulfill your expectations for your wedding photos.  About two months before your wedding day I'll send over a pre-wedding questionnaire with lots of questions to ensure we're up to date on all the details of your wedding day. 

pre-wedding process

Let's throw out corny, cheesy engagement photos, and have a little adventure. Engagement sessions with Eli aren't going to be a series of images going forehead to forehead and kissing with your teeth. Instead, we're going to plan something together that celebrates your relationship and journey to engaged. We'll chat throughout the portrait session, me learning about the way you move together, how you support one another, and all the little movements that make each of you light up. 

portrait session

how it works

I know so often wedding planning feels like lots of answering questions. My consults are about connection. This is where inspiration comes from on the day wedding.  I'm not going to ask the same questions most vendors will — I want to know what you're most excited for, what challenges you might need to bounce some ideas around, and that moment you knew this was your person.

the consult

the wedding weekend

I'll arrive in the early afternoon the day before your wedding. This will allow me some time to take photos of your details before the wedding day — giving me some more time to be creative, and keeping that sacred wedding day morning easy breezy.
After, I'll head off to do a walk through with you, and any other vendors that could join us,  I'll join y'all for the rehearsal, and then dinner + the welcome party. This allows me to become 'one of y'all,' and blend into the crowd on your wedding day. I'll also give back to those that spent so much to be present for your weekend: their own little micro-portrait session all dressed up.

the day before your wedding

The day of your wedding, I'll arrive at a time that makes sense — typically when other vendors are arriving so as not to interrupt the flow of the day. I'll capture your best VIPs helping you get ready (or you and your babe getting ready) and help y'all do a few reveals to get those emotions flowing. I'll photograph each of you for your own little editorial solo-session.

getting ready

Once you're walk-down-the-aisle-ready, we'll do a few reveals with those closest, whether chosen family or by marriage/blood, whatever the connection is, having a little reveal with those who love you the most breaks up the "to do" mindset of the morning and gives you a moment with your favorite people.  If you and your love want to do a reveal I'm game, if you want to get ready together that's rad too — if you don't want to see each other till the ceremony, no sweat, I'm a pro at keeping y'all separated.

pre-ceremony reveals

Before you head out to the ceremony, we'll photograph as many portraits as we can! If you aren't going to see each other beforehand, I'll still tackle those wedding party, individual, and family portraits separately so you can have so much fun at cocktail hour (and eat the best food of the whole day, obviously). Portraits won't feel like those normal mantlepiece ones your grandmother loves, but we'll throw a little modern spin into things.

wedding day portraits

During the ceremony + reception, I'm working the cameras, blending into your crowd of friends to ensure the most authentic and honest pictures. I'm after documenting your history after all, not something contrived or contorted. I want to capture all those moments you might not get a chance to sink into, or have seen at all.  I'll photograph on a variety of cameras based on the moment and the feeling — both film + digital.

ceremony  + cocktail hour + reception

I'll stick around during the party and photograph your guests busting a move, as well as any other group portraits we need to capture.  I'll start editing your sneak peeks so you have a beautiful wedding photo instead of a cell phone photo!

the party

You'll wake up to your sneak peeks ready to share with your friends and family as well as a slideshow to share at any event you have the day after your wedding. I'll join your friends and family for the day after events — photographing all the joy and laughter. 

the day after the wedding

Let's work together

Meet me at Persephone's for a latte or Calavera's for tacos and let's discuss your vision and plans.

I take on a limited amount of weddings per year to be able to provide deep attention and care to each one of the clients I work with. When I'm using a camera, it's a collaborative experience, and as such I want to ensure you are the right fit, and that you will feel comfortable and confident through this experience. All proposals are custom just as your love and wedding is — your expectations and vision varies from any other love and I want to ensure I'm providing you with a proposal that works for you. The more information you can provide the better I can get to know y'all and provide you with options that make sense to you.

I do use digital as well — especially for those Block Island family sessions.  I do about 70 family sessions every year on Block Island.

Just a reminder that we work with all types of love, relationships, and families. We welcome polyamorous and ENM relationships, as well as the BIPOC /LGBTQ+ community.

Each year a portion of our revenue and services gets donated to places like the Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Mary D Fund, the Block Island Historical Society, the Block Island School, the Trevor Project, Project GLAAD, and more.

Thank you!

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