Growing up summering on Block Island, I always dreamed of an art studio on the island.  Something in a loft, or that cute Lighthouse gallery on Spring Street.  Little did I know my journey would begin next door to where my journey with Block Island began on High Street.
The Studio has been a dream for as long as I can remember and it's where Eli Holmes Photo + Film calls home.
Eli has never been a big fan of the wedding industry or typical wedding expectations. A big believer in anti-weddings and unweddings, Eli's biggest strength is supporting couples who want to choose their unique way of getting married and helping them both achieve that goal and document it thoughtfully.

Eli: photographer, they/them

Your wedding photos give you those same feelings you felt once upon a time — allowing you to immerse in all the glory of your wedding day.  Wedding photos capture history — documenting for generations of family, and friends the start of your journey as one.

In working on a small island there are a few things that will always be prioritized by this business.  Supporting island resources that are often taxed by weddings and tourism like the Block Island Fire and Rescue, and the Block Island Medical Center.  Community and connection is what drives this work — by investing in this business you help provide services to cover the 4th of July Parade, Block Island Out events, the Block Island School Graduation, and more.

I believe that Black Lives Matter, that trans rights are human rights, that reproductive freedom is deserved by all, that healthcare and housing is a basic right.  Community, connection, equity are all deeply rooted in this work.  Providing the world with beautiful imagery of every kind of person is deeply important in building a world that accepts all people.

The Philosophy

| Crowded tourists spots on hot summer days.
| Leaving trash — especially if it wasn't mine.
| Cooking, the island restaurants are better.
| Running an errand without loosing track.
| Saying see you later (see you tomorrow).
| Running on mainland time.
| Ignoring dogs.
| Bad days.
| Digital.
| Spending hours away from guests to do portraits...


| Hidden gems tucked away on unmarked roads.
| Getting lost in conversation under the stars.
| Eating Calaveras on the car trunk at sunset.
| Driving with the windows down.
| Bringing the dog with me for every errand.
| Images that show your relationship.
| Surprise visits to Rusty & Lucky, island camels.
| Loosing track of time on private beaches.
| Film, always film.
| Your wedding should run on a timeline that works best for you.


Let's work together

Meet me at Persephone's for a latte or Calavera's for tacos and let's discuss your vision and plans.

I take on a limited amount of weddings per year to be able to provide deep attention and care to each one of the clients I work with. When I'm using a camera, it's a collaborative experience, and as such I want to ensure you are the right fit, and that you will feel comfortable and confident through this experience. All proposals are custom just as your love and wedding is — your expectations and vision varies from any other love and I want to ensure I'm providing you with a proposal that works for you. The more information you can provide the better I can get to know y'all and provide you with options that make sense to you.

I do use digital as well — especially for those Block Island family sessions.  I do about 70 family sessions every year on Block Island.

Just a reminder that we work with all types of love, relationships, and families. We welcome polyamorous and ENM relationships, as well as the BIPOC /LGBTQ+ community.

Each year a portion of our revenue and services gets donated to places like the Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Mary D Fund, the Block Island Historical Society, the Block Island School, the Trevor Project, Project GLAAD, and more.

Thank you!

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