block island wedding photographer

This is Eli.

I am a trans queer non-binary wedding photographer based on Block Island. It's important to show that love doesn't have any specific aesthetic.

I grew up and spent many years trying to jam myself into a puzzle I didn't belong in.  And because I didn't see myself, I thought I belonged in that puzzle.

As I dived deep into weddings, and found LGBTQ+ couples that I resonated with, so many of the questions in my life gained answers.  I still wonder, what if I had seen folks like me when I was younger?

Love doesn't have an aesthetic — we all deserve love that makes us feel good and feels deeply good to us.  And that looks different for everyone.

I've had the pleasure of getting to experience and document some pretty amazing love stories.  Through photography I've been able to witness and learn about love in a vulnerable and authentic way.  It's not the same as reading the Notebook — getting to see the way your partner makes you giggle, the look that you give each other when no one is watching — those things have taught me what love is.

While you and your guests are having the time of your life, I get to notice the in-betweens, to photograph them honestly.


Taking care with the same respect, and love I give the island, I aim to be a part of the crowd, exist among your friends and family unnoticed.

For me, sharing the island, not just the Bluffs or Scotch beach, but the trails with no names I've found wandering in winter, is my way of reciprocating vulnerability. These locations, often with no names or markers, are some of the best spots on the island to explore, see nature and the raw beauty of the island.


My business is pro-queer, pro-poly/ethical non-monogamy, and believes that Black lives matter. 

I understand and acknowledge that oppression is intersectional and trauma is generational. 
Leave no trace is exceptionally important living on an island with finite resources and constant reminders that erosion and rising sea levels are real.

I donate a portion of revenue, and volunteer hours and resources each year to local and national groups like Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Block Island Nature Conservancy, Conserfest, GLAAD, the Trevor Project, and more.

block island resident + lifelong visitor.

My why.

The wedding industry was never meant for gender nonconforming folks. It was built for cis-gender, white, thin, straight couples. And that's just not everyone that falls in love. You deserve to feel that you belong here, just like diverse vendors belong in this industry.


My promises to you

1) Your experiences will be affirming.
2) Your wedding plans/ideas are valid.
3) Consent and comfort come first in posing.
4) Historical structures of oppression are acknowledged.
5) Prompting and posing are unique to you.
6) You belong, and are welcomed here.
7) We are always learning and welcome feedback.



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I exclusively serve Block Island, RI from May 15 to October 15th each year.  In the winter months, I serve California, New Orleans, and anywhere my clients take me.

This is a pro-Black Lives Matter, pro-trans, pro-gay company, and enjoy working with vendors and clients who feel the same.